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Where did Instagram come from anyway?


kevin systrom and mike krieger are the official founders of Instagram. systrom grew up in an an upper-middle-class family in Massachusetts. according to rumors,

he used to believe that getting rich quick through startups was something that happened to the other guy

after many iteration, the app was released in the fall of 2010 it went from a few users, 

which included friends of systrom and krieger along with several early testers, to the number-one free app

in only a few hours by December of 2010, more than one Million users had downloaded the program to their Apple devices.

Over the next two years Instagram continued to grow, and the founders started to add features like hashtags,

high-resolution photo support one-click rotate and new filters.

in August of 2011 the 150 millionth photograph was uploaded to the app. 

A month later, Instagram had more than 10 Million users, and at this time, 

the company was able to secure $7 million in series A funding (Instagram history) how to make money on Instagram 


Developing your Instagram page brand

insta brand

maybe you’ve seen someone who just seems to get it they the perfect proportion of accessories ,how to make money on instagram

the perfect match of pattern to solid.  

the perfect combination of formal and casual.

their brand proudly announces to the world that the care.

but not too much  they personify visual branding at its best and are a walking billboard for success.

this should be your goal for Instagram account. You should exude a brand that makes it clear who you are and what you stand 

for–quickly and succinctly. there should be consistency from post to post so that if someone picked ten random posts of yours, they could tell were all yours.

(how to make money on instagram)


The power of the hashtag




you can use Instagram for business without the almighty hashtag.

wait what is hashtag? A hashtag is the the # symbols followed by a word that describe the post or who it is for.

hashtags are a controversial topic when it comes to Instagrammers 

some despise their use. while others overuse them 

here’s my take on it–when it comes to using Instagram for business ,how to make money on instagram?

it would be foolish not use hashtags. According to simply measured 

using even a single hashtag increases post engagement by 12.6 percent.

hashtags are an effective way to drive organic traffic to your content

start by reviewing the most popular brands and companies in your niche and check out the hashtags 

they are using make a list of them and start to test them on your posts 

you will quickly determine what works and what doesn’t



Growing your followers 

how to make money on instagram 

how to make money on instagram?

successful pages will post valuable and empowering content multiple times a day

they will actively engage with their followers numerous times a day when Instagram users see that a page genuinely cares for them and personally

reaches out to them that a huge incentive for other followers to engage
you will see that your community eventually becomes a self-engaging machine

that you can easily promote your products and services to and chances are they will be grateful for it.

  • Sharing: you can share your followers, photos on your page and spread their name around better yet, share content if their photo features your product, brand or service in it this is great way to go the extra mile and show that you really care about your loyal fans
  • Liking: What better way to show people you care that to like their photos? when you start liking photos, people will see that you are interested in being part of a community . you won’t be perceived as someone who takes and takes without giving anything back ,Commenting: this is where you can really kick things up a notch and develop a connection with Instagram users
  • Following: You didn’t think that you were going to be able to do all of this without following other people did you ? follow the people who follow you if possible but don’t worry about following everybody. there is something to be said about having a small amount of pages that you follow and if you study successful pages within your niche. you should see a number that is reasonable that you can model
  • Return Direct Messages: being bombarded with direct messages from your followers can seem overwhelming at times, however you must remember that your followers will eventually become your customers, Use the stories feature to highlight
  • positive direct messages you received: something a lot of the top Instagram Influencers are doing lately is taking screenshot of the direct messages they receive from their followers which show their exchange in communication and posting them on their stories feature this shows their followers that they are actively engaging with their community which encourage more people to engage with them

How to write call to action caption

insta call to action

how to make money on instagram?

here is where the selling gets fun! Now that you have optimized your photos and your plan 

for expanding your followers base by leveraging Instagram influencers.

your caption is the text that goes below your image,

this is where you can deliver your own writing message that expands upon the image in your post.

if you promoting something this is your chance to explain to the followers on the page you are promoting on in

the caption of your Instagram post you need to tell people what they should click on and what benefits they will receive from doing so.

you should provide a strong call to action and sell them on why they should visit your website or sales funnel


How to drive prospects from Instagram followers to customers

make money with insta

if you don’t take action no one will be blessed by what you were created
put yourself out there so your audience can be reached.

one way to make this happen? how to make money on instagram?

start selling and focus solely on follower growth through your Instagram account

you have to get a stage and selling so you can truly fulfill your purpose

and of course receive an ROI from your Instagram marketing.
here’s the thing through in order to sell, you have to do something most won’t.

you have to stop looking, sounding, and appearing the same as everyone else.

you are different after all, so stop appearing just as your competitors do
maybe you don’t think you do, 

unfortunately your prospects won’t see it that way.

if your marketing isn’t showing up any differently chances are you appear just like everyone else.

that makes you a commodity. and commodities only compete on price



Offer value in your Instagram Bio


tell your prospective qualified audience why they should they should like your page and how it will benefit them

make money on insta

This Bio tells you exactly what the company’s page is about


Make your posts and Ads about your target audience. not you

focus on their needs and how you can uniquely meet them. most brands are focused on their product and services

stand out by focusing on your target market instead

Display ad techniques




if you want to amp up your game when it comes to Instagram marketing. then you may want to look into Instagram advertising .

i will show you drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from Instagram ads.

the payout can be incredible of course. anytime you advertise you are risking your money so it’s best to arm yourself with all the facts before diving in.

All instagram ads are set up through your facebook ads portal so first you will need to set up either facebook ads manager or facebook business manager  


to setup your facebook Ads manager go to:

to setup your business manager go to:


to add your instagram account to your facebook Ads manager

  • Go to your facebook page
  • click settings in the top-right corner of your page
  • click Instagram Ads
  • to add an existing Instagram account to your page, click Add an Account
  • Enter your Instagram account’s Username and password, click confirm

to add your Instagram account to your business manager

  • in facebook, go to your business manager
  • click on business setting then Instagram Accounts
  • click claim new Instagram account
  • fill in the username and the password of the instagram account you would like to sync and click next
  • select the ad account that will have access to this Instagram account and then click save changes

mission accomplished. now its time to create some Instagram ad magic

before jumping right into the ad creator it’s important to decide how you’er going to adapt your message to the crowd,

every social media platform is used by fans for different reasons, 

so identifying what it is that appeals to your target audience is a key component in building out your Instagram ad plan,


Monteziation strategy #1

using Instagram like a display ad system to share product information in a compelling way
this old-school advertising approach works perfectly on Instagram
the trick is to combine effective copywriting and images to convey a powerful call to action
when you weave product photography and copywriting together
you have a classic from of advertising known as display advertising .
this type of marketing works well and has been perfected over the last century
the basic concepts associated with display ads haven’t changed very much
in over a hundred years. some of the earliest examples
how to make money on instagram
how to make money on instagram
the practice expanded to billboard, magazines and newspapers and
eventually moved online there are even display ads in virtual words such as second life
this form of advertising works on Instagram really well,
it seems that some things never go out of style
incredible book on advertising and copywriting breackthrough advertising , Hey Whipple squeeze
this like sullivan notes that “the craft of copywriting and art direction,

there are other display ad marketing that i’m about to share here

it’s you can get away with being very direct as your target market.


but if the prospects in your target market feel like they’er being sold something in an uncool way,

prepare to be ignored, unfriended or even publicly called out



Showing is better than telling


can you use the image in your ad to make a point rather starting it in the copy?

showing is better than telling and if you can use photography creatively your ad will be well received
at the same time

the image should complement the message



Get Interesting visuals from your product photography


your product has a typical way of being photography

that your customers and prospects are probably very used to seeing.

try your best get interesting and unique product photography an interesting image holds people’s attention





the most powerful ads focus on one messaging goal, and they crush it,

their simplicity is their strength. rather than trying to accomplish a handful of objectives,

make your image and copy so simple that the concept is fully communicated at first glance,

if you are not a graphic artist, don’t worry there are simple tools that can help you create display ads.

InstaCap , is an app that let’s you add text to images

you can download it from App store , and Google Play



Recommends the following best practices for new Instagram marketers

  • don’t post too much, especially in quick succession,
  • take time to create interesting setups
  • boring photos are boring make sure the images you post are nice and interesting
  • make sure there is good lighting in your photos
  • follow people it’s great to connect with like-minded people

The final word magical results


maybe there’s no magic button,

but the results are magical ever see a testimonial like this ?

it was so easy! I spent all day just surfing my feed while my follower count grew

as did my web traffic email list and sales plus I got super skinny and my love life improved.

And I never ever had to get out of my pajamas.

likes for free on instagram free apps how to make money on instagram


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